Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Recapping The Year

This poem is about,
The Birds’ December;
The things that we wrote,
This poem does remember.

The 4 Calling Birds,
Who wrote throughout winters,
Took each merry day,
And scribed out in splinters

We wrote about rushing through books,
And the miracle of life.
About saddening days,
And Favorite Things strife.

We wrote about TV shows,
Movie quotes, and solitude;
Winter, antagonists,
And sentences that aren’t crude.

We wrote about rumperts
And insects so gross.
About testing, meeting “Harry”,
And a musical dose.

We wrote about Homeland
And Capture the Flag.
We wrote about “need-to-reads”,
Hercules and not-drags.

We wrote about cannibals,
Snowflakes, and days.
About useful lessons,
And traditions to praise.

We wrote about tallness
And my day in a gist.
About Blue Hill Stone Barns,
And the Apocalypse.

We said our goodbyes
With the new year to come. 
And the OCA entry,
It made number one.

Was a year of success.
I don’t know if we can top it,
But I have a good guess…

“Happy New and see you next year!”-The Birds
“Bye guys!”-Me, Holly J