Friday, December 22, 2017

Not-So-Secret Santa

I have two best friends, Thomas and Caleb. We have a bunch of other people that we hang out with, but we do everything together. For Christmas this year, we decided to buy each other gifts. 

We decided not to do Secret Santa because that’s kind of dumb with only 3 people, so we made a price limit of $20(ish) and set out on our ways. It was really easy to get presents for them, and they already had ideas for me too as soon as we started. I knew I was going to get Thomas cool Christmas socks, because we always talk about how he has cool, unique socks, and I knew I was going to get Caleb buckeye (?) balls (those little 2.5mm circular magnets that come in like packs of 216 and you can make fun shapes with them), because he always talks about them. 

The only problem with the three of us knowing each other so well is that while we immediately know what to get each other for gifts, we also pretty much immediately knew what the other two people were getting for ourselves. Like I knew that Thomas was going to get me a mini backpack, probably with patches, because he knows about my obsession with mini backpacks (I have 5 and counting right now) and things with patches on them. Also, when we were on a field trip into NYC to see a show with our English class, I pointed out a store full of mini backpacks with patches, and he said “I have to remember the store name because Christmas is coming soon”. Keep in mind that this was like a month ago and I still knew. He also knew that I was going to get him socks, because we always compare socks and talk about them. 

Caleb also knew I was getting him the magnets and immediately asked. I knew he was getting me my special throat lozenges (Grether's, Black Currant flavored like the Broadway stars use) because I shared them with him and I was raving about how good they are. 

And, you guessed it, Caleb and Tom know what they're getting each other too. Tom knows that Caleb is getting him tap shoes, because he REALLY wants to learn how to tap, and Caleb knows that Tom is getting him a Chipotle gift card because he loves Chipotle. The only one who's a bit in the dark is Caleb, because he doesn't know that Thomas also got him a hot pink "Pink Ladies" wig on top of the gift card, so that'll be a fun surprise.

We're all exchanging gifts tomorrow and then going to see Pitch Perfect 3 together, so I figured I'd tell y'all about that tonight. Happy holidays!

-- Holly

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