Monday, December 18, 2023

Hot Chocolate!!

Tonight I am thinking about hot chocolate. We feel really strongly about hot cocoa in my family. Now just because I said that don’t go and think I am dissing Swiss Miss - there is a time and place for that. But I digress…so what I mean when I say we enjoy our hot chocolate is we go in for the really rich thick kind. Herewith is a list of amazing cocoa richness we have sampled:

  • Galway, Ireland: Butlers Chocolate Cafe had all kinds of interesting flavors of hot chocolate. I chose one that I still think about to this day. It had completely crushed Oreos in it.  So rich and heavenly. 
  • Paris, France: The One, The Only Cafe Angelina.  So dark and creamy. Went there many years ago and became obsessed. Obsessed to the point where, when a friend was going to Paris, I asked her to pick up some for me. I repeatedly would look online to see if the website would ship internationally. *Finally* they did. But even better, they opened a satellite restaurant in NYC! So now we can get a fix whenever we like. 
  • New York City: USED to be City Bakery. Their shtick was they would straight up melt chocolate bars, pour it on a cup and plop a homemade marshmallow on it. Liquid gold!
  • Lisbon, Portugal: Today we checked out  Landeau Chocolate - ostensibly for the “best chocolate cake in Lisbon”. And indeed, it was very tasty. But then my son went rogue and got a hot chocolate in the place known for the cake. It turned out to be next level with it’s silky deep chocolate texture and richness. So it appears we have found yet another top notch cocoa. 

The search shall continue!

Thanks for reading. 


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