Thursday, January 1, 2015

Recapping the Year 3.0

It's 2015, 
And here in a sec, 
Our third year and running,
It's time to check.

We wrote about...

Time being filled,
And Sonnets for girls.
Martin Short's categories,
And language whirls.

Praising Fridays,
And the "alien" thing.
Ancestors, and theatre shows,
From Winter to Spring.

Colleges, racists,
And snow in the least.
Secret Santas,
And TV show treats.

Nutcracker, Walking Dead,
And Facebook galore.
Jesus and birthstones,
(But I needed six more.)

Vacation was popular, 
And respect and Family Guy,
About Curious incidents,
Wow, time sure does fly!

Road trips and birthdays,
Christmas tradition.
Broadway, Favorite things,
And philosophy of chickens.

Texas's food,
And Fiddler too,
Nemo with Fiddler,
And Goodbye to you.

This year was great.
We'll miss you a lot.
Can't wait to see you next year.
If not...

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