Sunday, December 27, 2015

The Cinematic Future of the Cinematic Universe

           What’s the one thing cooler than seeing a sequel to your favorite movie? Seeing different characters from your different favorite movies cross over into each other’s stories to tell an even more epic story. 

The concept of the cinematic universe, in which multiple stories/characters exist in the same onscreen copy of the world, was a big damn deal when Marvel Studios introduced it with The Avengers three and a half years ago. They took beloved characters, each part of their own franchises, and stuffed them together into one bigger and more beloved movie. Genius. It was so big of a deal (and by that I mean we all loved it and threw our money at Marvel) that other existing franchises are getting on board. 

Lucasfilms, along with its fresh new trilogy, is putting out three new movies featuring different stories within the Star Wars universe. So now, a universe that has already been around for decades and has become a cultural phenomenon is going to expand upon itself and buy into the cinematic universe design. Genius.

 Universal Studios wanted to get in on this too, so they’re rebooting all of their classic monsters, i.e. the Wolfman, Frankenstein, and Dracula. Somehow, all of these infamous baddies are going to be part of the same cinematic universe. Are they going to join together in an alliance to fight some even bigger baddie, like in The Avengers? I have no idea, but that would have my attention. There are other studios that are trying to partake but they look dumb and like they're trying too hard (GI Joe and other toys). Essentially, the cinematic universe is "the next big thing" so get pumped for movies that are bigger and in some cases really awesome and in other cases, so so dumb. 

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