Monday, December 30, 2013

If The Zombie Apocalypse Occurred At My School

So the apocalypse has come and my entire school has suddenly dropped dead and then stood back up again--because that’s what zombies do. My high school has multiple buildings which means us kids have to actually walk across the campus to go to our different classes. I know, it’s crazy to make students walk but what are you gonna do? 

If all the students and teachers “turned” between classes, the zombies would be shuffling about the campus. Lucky for me (and no one else because they’re dead), my school has breezeways that lead from building to building. From the tops of these bad boys, I would have full access to the entire school and could hide from the decaying remains of the people who made me fill out endless scantron sheets. 

Usually I get depressed at the thought of school work, but hands with missing or rotting fingers aren’t capable of handing out homework, are they? The challenge, naturally, would be to get on top of said breezeway. If I could summon my upper-body strength that I don’t have, I could pull myself up to safety. 

As for items I would take with me, I would take a needlessly massive textbook for a weapon, a sweatshirt to cover myself to prevent bites, my phone to seek help but mostly to play games (obviously), hand sanitizer, and maybe I’d find a cafeteria knife if I felt like getting down and dirty. Collectively, I could use these things to survive. 


-- Rudolph

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