Friday, December 20, 2013

The Perfect Day

What is your perfect day?   Is it sitting on a beach reading a book? Going to a party and seeing old friends?  Running a marathon?  Never getting out of bed?

My perfect day would probably be a long one!  I would need to fit into it getting some exercise by playing tennis or hiking, serendipitously finding a terrific place to eat lunch, and then maybe going to a museum/show/gallery.    And of course, doing all of this with my family.

I decided to survey my family with this question and I found the answers to be very telling:

My overworked husband who just got off the red-eye this morning?  His idea of the perfect day - well he actually had two.  His first response was to stay in his pj's all day and rotate his efforts between eating, watching movies, sleeping and reading.  His second response was the polar opposite: any day he spends hiking in a National Park, noting that trekking amongst striking scenery absolutely rejuvenates his soul. 

The longer my daughter thought about this question, the longer her plan for the day actually got.  Immediately, she said she would spend it reading.  Nonetheless, she then add shopping - with no financial restrictions, going somewhere warm-ish, seeing a show, being surrounded by cute animals, and relaxing.  She also added she would want to look fabulous while doing all of these things, including not needing any corrective lenses for her eyes.

Now my son had a completely different take on his perfect day.  He did not want to go somewhere, go nowhere, do something in particular, not do anything at all.  He simply stated that he would not want all good things in one place at one time, because then none of those elements would seem as special.  He went on to say that he prefers the highs and lows of a given day, the happy medium.

So I ask again?  What is your perfect day?  And what does it say about you?

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