Wednesday, December 25, 2019

My Top Movies of 2019

1. Knives Out
This movie was really fun to watch. I always like mysteries, even really predictable ones that you can figure out before the movie was over. But I liked this movie because there were enough twists that it wasn’t totally predictable and obvious, which is even better. Also, it had a really stacked cast that was fun to watch (especially Chris Evans of course).

2. Jumanji: The Next Level
I only saw this movie two days ago, but it is worth putting on the list. The first new Jumanji (not the one with Robin Williams) was really excellent. It was absolutely hilarious, a really interesting and aesthetic concept, a little romance, and a great cast. The second movie was the same kind of great humor, but a creative concept change that was fun a different. I really enjoyed this movie.

3. Endgame
I had to include this movie even though it drained me emotionally and moisturized my skin with my own tears. I had happy tears and sad tears, but seeing the whole MCU coming together gave me chills and made me so happy after so many years.


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