Friday, December 20, 2019

'Tis The Season

I just finished wrapping lots of presents. I like wrapping presents.  It’s very neat and organized, but the best part is it is a creative form of expression. You see, I love wrapping paper: the colors, the patterns, the endless interpretation of the season.  I have classics like wreaths, Santas, “Happy Holidays”, classics with a twist like wreaths necklacing safari animals and Santa riding a bicycle to more unique designs such as narwhals wearing Santa hats and Santa zipping around in a spaceship.  

There are different kinds of textures to be had, too.  I have velvety wrap and foil wrap with patterns. There are also glittery wraps but I stay away from those (unless I buy them by mistake). This year, I bought a wrap made out of sustainable material – rock.  It actually smells a little like petroleum but is the smoothest cut you will ever come across!

The hardest type of wrap to find, and therefore the most coveted, is black-based wrap.  At first one might not think black-based wrap would be festive, but in fact it really is quite striking.  I have one black with gold and magenta wreaths on it and one black with white snowflakes on it.

I buy new wrap every year.   Yes, I know what you are thinking: you buy new wrap every year as well.  But I don’t use up my supply every year.  I just like to have new paper to put in the mix.  In addition, I don’t like to use the same wrap twice when I am wrapping so this helps with that.

Some years, I’ve wrapped family members presents in theme – deer patterns for my mom, evergreens for my brother and so on.  I have that much wrap.

Not everybody has the wrapping gene, but my daughter definitely does.  Nothing makes her happier during wrapping season than being the first person to use a newly purchased wrap. 

Well, enough pontificating for now on the joys of wrap – time to wrap it up! (Did I mention I enjoy a good pun as well?)

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!


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