Sunday, December 22, 2019

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (as viewed by a mild fan)

When I say a “mild fan”, I mean that (full disclosure) I have not seen all of the Star Wars movies, and of the first two trilogies, the ones I have seen were a loooong time ago and I have a very vague memory of any of them. Fair warning, I may accidentally spoil something in here, not knowing it was a secret in the first place, so from this point it’s not my fault if you see something you don’t want to. You’ve been warned. Anyway, I just saw the final movie in the third trilogy tonight, so I figured I’d share my opinion on it, in the hopes that semi-fans like me might see this and know that there are others out there like them. Side note, I would still categorize myself as a fan, because of the movies I’ve seen/remember seeing, I have no memory of disliking any of them, so I think that counts.

Anyway, I really liked how the movie wrapped up the whole Skywalker storyline. I overall enjoyed the whole “Rey and Ben ending up together and then he dies” thing, mostly because it wouldn’t have worked out logically and he would’ve never been completely redeemed if they tried to do a “happily ever after” sort of thing. I thought that C-3PO getting his memory partially back by means of R2-D2’s memory storage seemed a bit rushed, but I was happy he wasn’t left clueless and lonely without his memories. I also wished that Rose had been in the movie more, since she was a lot more heavily featured in the last movie. I liked the cute hug at the end of the movie. It just made me really happy. I felt like they tied up the whole “lack of Carrie Fisher” thing quite well, and a bunch of characters got to say their goodbyes to her through the metaphors of their characters, which was bittersweet. Overall, I really enjoyed the movie and thought it ended the series storyline very well.


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