Sunday, December 25, 2016

Christmas Bucket List

Merry Christmas to all! 
As some of you know, yesterday was my 50th birthday.  This got me thinking about all the people who have Bucket Lists for their lives.  The truth is, I’ve never really had a Bucket List like that.  I guess I’ve always just made it a point to do whatever it is I want to do.

But one thing I do have is a Christmas Bucket List.  These are things I find myself wanting to do year after year during the holiday season but just never seem to be able to make time to do them.  So, in the spirit of Bucket Lists and vision boards and the like, herewith I share with you my list.  Who knows, maybe by putting it out there in the echo chamber, they will happen.

Handel’s Messiah group sing:  I have always wanted to do this.  In high school, we sang this piece every year for the holiday concert.  How cool would it be to sing Messiah with hundreds of other people?  If that isn’t spirit-uplifting, I don’t know what is!  A quick search yielded these sing-alongs that looked interesting:!/story/103396-top-five-holiday-sing-alongs/

Dyker Heights Christmas Lights: This tour has gotten on my radar only recently and now I can’t get it out of my head.  The folks in Dyker Heights, Brooklyn go all out with amazing light displays, pumping out Christmas music and so forth.  Sounds like a really fun event with lots of energy!  Here is what I am talking about just to give you an idea:

Christmas at The Cloisters: The Cloisters is a relatively lesser known museum up at the tip of Manhattan. (It is actually a branch of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.)  It is chock-full of medieval architecture and art, compliments of JD Rockefeller.  At Christmastime, they decorate the museum with very traditional decorations.  I have actually been there at this time of year, but it was a long time ago and never with the children.  Want to go again!  More details:

My list is somewhat short, but yet I still haven’t been able to knock stuff off of it!  If you have anything you have on your Christmas Bucket List that you think I should add to my list, please share!  Happy Holidays!

-- Eve

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  1. I LOVE the Cloisters! But I've never been there at Christmas. I'll bet its better than Disneyland. I did a Messiah sing many years ago. This year I went to a performance with a friend. Love it. My daughter lives in Brooklyn. Maybe I'll get out there one year to see the lights. Thanks for sharing--it's a wonderful list.