Thursday, December 29, 2016

Weather Or Not

I’m fortunate to have been able to travel pretty regularly with my family.  We are very lucky.  Today as we got to Reykjavik and were met with a cold and windy rain, it made me think about how resilient our kids have become when it comes to the weather. 

After checking into our hotel and a few hours to nap and adjust to the time, we all geared up with coats, hats, scarves, etc. and set out to explore the city.  It didn’t rain all the time but it still was off and on.  Not ideal circumstances when you want to walk around but it really didn’t slow us down much.

In our various travels over the years, we have experienced lots of different weather.  In Alaska, we experienced cold and wind but still visited glaciers and went whale watching.  In Vail we skied during a very heavy snow.  We hiked the Na Pali coast in Kauai in a heavy downpour.  In Costa Rica we experienced heat and humidity so extreme that literally the only way you might feel cool all day was by jumping in a pool or going in the ocean.  It was so humid that if you left your suitcase open, your close would get damp from all of the moisture in the air.  We toured Spain last summer in 100+ degree heat and bicycled through Florence and Tuscany in temperatures that neared 105 degrees (that was a bit uncomfortable, even for us).

I would imagine that most families would have at least one weak link – that one family member who would reject the less than hospitable weather conditions and be resistant to continuing with planned activities until the conditions improved.  Luckily, we’ve raised our kids to be tough and we don’t have a single weak link.  They know that with the right layers and gear, they can feel pretty impervious to any sort of adverse weather and continue enjoying whatever adventure we were on at the time.

Looking forward to many more adventures with my road warriors.

-- Frosty

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  1. My mom was like that about the weather - she wouldn't even go to Walmart if it rained!!