Saturday, December 31, 2016

Favorite Show Tunes

I seem to be in a mood for favorites this year so I might as well continue that in my last post. The following, in no particular order, are my favorite showtunes of all time.

1. Edelweiss- The Sound of Music
This is the first real musical I was in and the audition song I sang was Edelweiss. It's a beautifully sweet time that captures in a nutshell the love of home that the movie spells out.

2. Washington on your Side- Hamilton
What a rocking song. There is no song I'd rather sing in the car with friends than this one. Listen to it and you'll feel he same.

3. This is Not Over Yet- Parade
This song excitedly and adorably shows what a drug hope can be when all seemed previously lost. Pure happiness.

4. To Life (La Chaim)- The Fiddler on the Roof
Similar concept to This is Not Over Yet- life is worth living because it can surprise you in wondrous ways. Also, I love the moment where the Jews dance with the Russians and their music and dance transcends the fact that they're enemies.

5. You Matter to Me- Waitress
A simple song with a simple message in a seemingly hectic world. Probably my favorite love song/showtune.

6. Prepare Ye- Godspell
To me, this song captures what Christianity is supposed to be about: people are lost with their lives and then they hear a horn announcing the coming of their savior who will give them purpose. Also, just a fun song.

7. Epiphany- Sweeney Todd
A cool turning point in a story and a deliciously harrowing song I'm dying to sing in a part I'm dying to play. 

8. Stars- Les Miserables
I love this song so much. It's a sad but beautiful song, a man questions his entire morality and place in the world. 

9. No More- Into the Woods
This song is about wanting to do away with all the crap the world throws at us and just get on with our lives; it's a concept relatable to all.

10. Heart and Music- A New Brain
Anyone whoever has had a scary disease of any kind could do themselves a favor by listening to this song. Also the fear of not accomplishing anything to leave behind before death is really sad and real.


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