Thursday, December 7, 2017

Ode To Great Teachers

Two things happened today that have me thinking about great teachers!  The first thing was hearing that my children’s high school principal in our community will be leaving at the end of the year.  The second thing was finding out that my high school music teacher will be filling in for someone and conducting my hometown’s upcoming holiday concert.  

One is part of my daily life and one is part of my childhood.  Both are terrific examples of members of the teaching profession.  They both have given of their time, energy and hearts, and done so above and beyond the call of duty.  There is something about teachers; they somehow weave their way into the fabric of one’s personal being.  If you think about it, no other person in your life with whom you have a professional relationship gets in that close. And it lingers.  Some of you may have read my husband’s blog last week about having lunch with his elementary school teachers.  Still a bond - 40 years later.

So now I say thank you to the all teachers out there

for sparking interest in the mind of a child

for finding a way to teach so a child who is having difficulty understands

for knowing when a child has more urgent needs – like food – and doing something about it

for paying for school supplies so the kids don’t suffer at the hand of budget cuts

for staying late, going in early, and responding to texts & emails at all hours

for loving.

I thank you.

-- Eve


  1. Lovely! As a former teacher, I'm especially touched that you are publicly acknowledging your teachers. We love our students, and they are the center of our lives during our careers.