Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Reed's Favorite TV Shows

To my understanding my sister ranked her top TV shows so I'm inclined to do the same. The following are my top 5 shows.

Game of Thrones
Bit of a basic one here. When I first started watching this show, it was like a breath of a fresh air in many ways. First of all, it was awesome to see high fantasy being embraced as an element of pop culture that wasn't Lord of the Rings. In general, it was (and is) awesome to see high quality fantasy on a weekly basis. This show takes a genre that is often regarded as nerdy and niche and made it into a gritty, dirty, and beautiful world with a huge book of interesting characters and storylines.

Brooklyn 99
So so fresh. Andy Samberg is so fast and quick witted and generally just adorable to a degree it's impossible not to love this show. The ensemble of characters has a family feel as in other shows like the Office, Community, and Parks and Recreation. The surprisingly progressive feel and betrayal of stereotypes is the sugar on top of a truly fun comedy.

The Office
The perfect blend of clever humor and stupid humor. A fun ensemble of characters with an incredible moving run. A beautiful love story and a beautifully tragic lead. I will watch this show at least twice more before I die.

Master of None
This show breaks so many rules that we think we have of narrative flow and television in general yet works so well and therefore proves there really are no rules. Both funny and enlightening, this show really isn't about anything, yet is a delight to watch. 

The Walking Dead

Specifically, seasons 1-3. To be completely honest, I've stopped watching this show, but that's neither here nor there. The pilot of this show was utterly harrowing to me the first time I watched it. The zombies and new state of the world devastated and intrigued me like no other show or film I've seen before. And then as soon as the zombies stopped being scary, the show was smart enough to show how bad humans in a torn apart world are scarier. Loved this show.

-- Rudolph

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