Friday, December 29, 2017

Pat's Favorite TV Shows

Inspired by Grayson’s theme a few days ago, I will share my Top 5 shows.  However, in the interest of time, I have chosen to restrict myself to shows that are currently still on (even if on hiatus at the moment). Here goes in no particular order….

I tend to like shows that I haven’t “seen” before.  And Shameless is definitely that type of show.  In the first season in particular, the viewer really has a window into this scamming family.  They work the system, gaming any and every opportunity that comes their way.  Nonetheless, I care about the characters because the kids, against the odds, seem to be good people.  We are currently in season 8, but apparently the writers thought the show was going to end with season 7. So, at the end of season 7, they did that lame wrap-up of tv shows that writers always seem to do – where everybody ends up on some unrealistic happy note.  And then the best thing happened: the decided to make the additional season.  So now, they had to pick up where they left off in happyland and get really creative.  Loving season 8!

CBS News Sunday Morning
I have been a fan of this show for like a decade now.  I love the unique topics they cover and I walk away from this show feeling like my time was well spent and I learned something new.  Did you know there is a museum of toilet bowl covers? Want to learn about leather-clad architect Peter Marino? Or design in Amsterdam? It’s all there on a silver platter for you. 

First let me say that I did not like this show when it first came on.  The first episode I saw was about the mom who felt underappreciated for all she does, then the father does all her work, and then she misses it, has no purpose, and is glad to get it all back.  Felt very 1950s and turned me off for quite some time.  However, at some point I must’ve been bored and started to watch another episode.  Since then, I have found their approach to racial issues very interesting. Often, they will do a little back story about a point in time in African American history.  Then, they have the family address that issue from the perspective of a black family living a “white” life.  I like the insight this show gives.

Finding Your Roots
Love this show.  Each week, Henry Louis Gates, Jr. picks three celebrities and does research on their family trees.  Spoiler alert: lots of people are shocked to learn that their ancestors were slave owners or actual slaves.  But in addition to that harsh realization, he tracks people back to kings, or soldiers, or thieves, or presidents, or just regular folk who managed to beat all the odds.  Lately, he has used genetic testing to close holes in the family tree, as well as to tie master to slave.  I thoroughly enjoy seeing what method of geneology he uses to find facts – ship manifests, census, wills, etc.  Fascinating all around.

Talking Dead
So this one you might find a little surprising.  Why not The Walking Dead? What the talk show that follows it?  Well, it is kind of like book club for me.  Watching/Reading is great, but I enjoy the discussion about the story even more.  I discover parts I missed, different analyses of what is happening, and Easter Eggs and symbolism I may have overlooked.  Great to see fans of the show get so intense about, face it, just show.

Well, that’s it for me.  I will think more on my Top Five of all time and get back to you on that one!

-- Eve

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