Tuesday, December 21, 2021


When I turned 23 I got a new bed, and I cleaned out from under my bed these buckets of plastic animals I had from when I was a kid. I’m 23 years old and they’re still there. I know that might sound childish, but the only reason I kept them under the bed was so there wasn’t any room for monsters. 

I’m technically a member of gen Z but growing up I really thought I was a millennial because people slightly older than me would post memes about millennials online, so I assumed those people were just my age and that we were all just a bunch of dumb millenials. And like ten years ago there were all these articles about how millennials were destroying industries. Do you remember those? “Why aren’t millennials buying diamonds? Why aren’t millennials investing in real estate?” I remember reading those articles and thinking… I’m eleven. What am I going to do with diamonds? I want an xbox. I don’t want a house. Should I write a letter to the editor, like… we’re kids. How stupid are the people writing these articles?


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