Saturday, December 25, 2021

Harry Potter Illustrated

        Anyone who knows me knows I am the biggest fan of Harry Potter. I’ve read the entire series probably more than 10 times at this point, and seen all the movies countless times as well. I’ve been to Harry Potter World at Universal Studios (where I bought a wand of course), and I’ve owned tons of different merch over the years. 

         You’d think at this point I’d “grow up” and get over it, but so far no luck. So, I keep going back to read the books and follow fan accounts, and I’ll be watching the 20th reunion next week with a bowl of popcorn and a full heart.

         A couple of years ago, I was in some shop (whether it was Harry Potter related or just a bookstore I cannot remember), when I saw on the shelf a very large edition of The Prisoner of Azkaban, the third book, which is my favorite. It looked more like a thick picture book than a chapter book, and that’s exactly what it was! Artist Jim Kay has been illustrating the books in the series for the past couple of years, basing his drawings off of the original text rather than the movies. This was super exciting for me because as a dedicated fan of the books, there were many things missing from the movies that I’d always imagined but never actually seen. So, seeing an artist’s beautiful rendition of what he imagined when reading the books has been so cool for me. 

        My parents got me the third book illustrated as a gift a few years ago, and this past week I re-read it and went online to look for the fourth book, which is my second favorite. I’ve since found that Kay has currently completed the illustrations for up to the fourth book, and the fifth book was supposed to come out in 2021, but seeing as there’s a week left, I’m not holding my breath about it. Anyway, I bought the 4th book this week, and received books 1 and 2 illustrated today for Christmas, so I’m all set for when #5 eventually comes out. For any Harry Potter fan who’s read the books, or even for those who have never read them but want to give them a try, I would absolutely recommend checking them out. Merry Christmas!


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