Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Correct Is Refreshing

I preface this post with the understanding that most places are short-handed these days.  From restaurants to stores to just about anything you can think of, everyone has "Help Wanted" signs posted and they are looking for people.  OK.  I get that and I appreciate that everyone is understaffed.

However, it really seems that service standards have declined dramatically over the past few years.  Maybe it is just me but it is rare for us to place a food order by phone without something being missing when it gets delivered.  It has gotten to the point where our preference is to place orders online so that we can at least feel confident that we wrote down exactly what we wanted in the first place.  If it goes wrong from there, at least we know we did what we could to cut out one level where things could break down.

It has made me so conditioned to expect things to be wrong that when things are done correctly, it is surprising and refreshing.  Good service stands out these days because it is so rare.  And when we do experience, I now go out of my way to make sure that a manager or customer service person knows that we had a good experience and that it was so appreciated.

I know this is first world problems.  Just reeling from a week of bad customer service experiences.


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