Friday, December 3, 2021

Dashing Through December

If this is truly “the most wonderful time of the year”, why does it always seem to flash by in an instance?

I mean, is it me or doesn’t it feel like it was September only two weeks ago.  Kids were going back to school, the weather was hinting at fall and people were returning from summer vacations (or at least staycations) feeling refreshed and ready to get back to work.

Suddenly, BLAM!!  It is December and this incredible mad dash to the end of the year. 

Work deadlines loom – stuff simply MUST GET DONE before the end of the year.  Pressures mount and people start checking the calendar every day to see how much time they have to get stuff done.

On top of that, throw in all of the other year end stuff – holidays and all of the gift buying and wrapping that accompany them, picking kids up from college, planning for vacations and time off, etc.  Most of it is good stuff – it just feels like SO MUCH in such a short span of time. 

Didn’t we know these holidays were coming?  I know people always use the expression “The holidays snuck up on me” but did they really?!?!  You really had no clue that December might bring them?  I don’t buy it.  And yet we let it happen to us every year.

And then every year we say, “I won’t let that happen next year”.  No sirree.  I’ll start my holiday shopping over the summer.  I can do my wrapping in October and November and just put my feet up when December rolls around.  Cooking??  No problem.  I’ll just prep dishes in advance and freeze them.  When the holidays come knocking, all I’ll have to do is pull a frozen block of yams out of the freezer and let it thaw while I sit in a big chair with a book, a blanket on my lap and sipping a glass of wine.  This year will be different.  Mark my words!

Clearly that didn’t happen this year – hence tonight’s blog. 

But trust me, next year is going to be wayyyyyy different.  Just you wait and see.


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