Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Cool Christmas Display

Tonight we went out to look at Christmas light displays near us that were noted in some local magazine article my mom found last year. We had gone to look at some of them last year, but this year we really found some gems. 

One display we looked at was the classic you’d think of when thinking of a house’s Christmas display, multiplied by a thousand. It was a walk-through display in someone’s back yard, complete with a Christmas carnival, a Santa’s workshop in their shed, and a canopy of lights above. There were display cases throughout the yard to rival that of Macy’s and we were very impressed with the overall effort that must’ve gone into assembling it.

While that display was very impressive, the other house we saw was a cut above any we’d seen before. As we pulled up on the street, we saw that a house and its yard had been synced up with the house directly across the street, with many flashing LED light displays. At first it looked like just an obnoxious random strobe light show that should’ve come with a seizure warning, but then we saw a sign that said to tune to a particular radio station. When we did, we realized that the entirety of both yards and houses were syncing to a medley of songs from the Star Wars soundtrack, and as we kept watching, it went through multiple Christmas movies, including Polar Express and Home Alone. It was about a half hour for the full loop, with a mix of movies and Christmas music, each synced up with their own unique LED displays. 

        It was clearly a project from the heart, because it was so incredibly impressive. There was a light saber battle acted out solely through LED lights, and a wall of LED lights with images depicted from the Polar Express movie, and singing LED Christmas trees that even had vibrato when their mouths moved. It was so cohesive, and clearly had a lot of thought put into it. Looking forward to checking it out next year and seeing what’s changed and what stays the same. Attaching a link to a video to show just how truly amazing it was.  

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