Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Hannukah Doesn't Hold A Candle To Christmas

People ask me if Christmas or Hannukah is better, because who better to ask than me? I’ve celebrated both my whole life (Yeah I was spoiled, can’t you tell?) 

I’ve always hated that people ask me, because we all know Christmas is better, okay? You just want to hear me say it and I will give you the satisfaction. 

Of course Christmas is better. Christmas has its own genres of music and movie. Every year, the Hallmark Channel makes 200 Christmas movies that are exactly the same (and complete trash) and we watch them every year. 

No one is doing Hannukah albums. Hannukah has three songs, and they’re only okay.  I know that today’s finest vocalists aren’t doing covers of them, for the most part. Not to mention one of those three songs is about how there are no Hannukah songs!


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