Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A Little Kid

            Okay, I’m going to talk about what could be the most important lesson I’ve learned in my life so far. The lesson is that you are always a little kid. Always. In other words, there is always a bigger kid or someone who is older than you. Let me get into details.

            Pretty much all kids try to be older than they are, or want to be older, or have more age privileges. As a young child, most appreciate it when called a “Big Boy” or a “Big Girl”. I certainly did. Kids (by the way my definition of a kid is a teenager and younger, though this opinion applies to some adults too) are always trying to take after older kids, which is fine by me. Older kids don’t really respect younger kids as much. This is the reason why when The Lightning Thief (amazing book, decent-poor movie) was made into a movie, the main characters were roughly seventeen years old, where in the book they were twelve. The makers wanted to be able to attract an older audience, which without older (and/or more mature) characters, they couldn’t have done.

             Everywhere throughout my life, I’ve witnessed kids trying to assert age dominance over me or other kids when they could, or just trying to be what they think is mature, which I think is immature. When I was in Kindergarten, and I went to the bathroom, if another boy came in who was in first or second grade, they would always ask the same question, “What grade are you in?” Usually they would know the answer but the older kids would just ask because they wanted to show age dominance. It’s only when you get into first grade when you realize now there is now an older second grader to show dominance. There’s always an older kid. 

            I guess what I mean to say is, don’t try act as someone older, when you’re younger, or otherwise when you get to be that age, you’re probably going to look back on yourself and have a face palm moment.

-- Rudolph

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