Friday, December 21, 2012

Fun Friday's "The Greatest"

At my school, the sixth graders do this little “rewards” party every other Friday called Fun Friday. Every two weeks each kid gets a paper called a contact sheet, which is basically a sheet of paper where your teachers tell your parents what good or bad things you’ve been doing in school. Every Thursday, you get your contact sheet signed by your parents, so that they can see what homework you missed, if you were talking in class, stuff like that. Your teachers can also write good comments on the bottom of the page if you’re doing well with projects or they like something you did.

If you have more than two mess-ups, or strikes, on your contact sheet, you will miss Fun Friday and have to sit in one of the classrooms while a teacher watches you do some skills packet or catch up on the homework you missed. If you have a clean contact sheet with no or good comments on it, you might get a small treat like a lollipop from your teacher. If your contact sheet has two or less strikes on it, you can participate in the activity that is Fun Friday. It can be athletic games, or thinking games, or just plain sit-around-and-hang games. 

So far this year there was a bunch of wacky relay races one day, then “Who can create the most elaborate mummy out of a roll of tape and one of toilet paper?”, and then Madgab, and finally today, “The Greatest”. 

“The Greatest” is a game of trickiness and the ability to think outside of the box. You only need two or more teams of 3-5 people and a caller to play (the amount of people doesn’t really matter, but it’s more fun with more people). To start, the caller will say some word ending in “est”, as in “the farthest”. Each team selects a person from their group that they think will fit the task. After every group has chosen their representative, the caller will finish the phrase. “The farthest paper airplane-thrower.” The team of each person would then get a piece of paper and thirty seconds to make a decent paper airplane. Each contestant would then throw the airplanes as far as they could, and whoever was the farthest gets a point. Another example would be “the longest” and then “the longest hair”. In the end, whichever team has the most points wins.

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-- Holly

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