Thursday, December 6, 2012

My Grandmas

Alright, so today I’m going to talk about my Grandmas because why the heck not? I have two grandmas. No surprise there. I love them both very much. Once again, no surprise. The reason I want to talk about them I guess is because they’re both interesting people.

To start off, I came up with very original names for them both. Most kids do the same thing. I’ve heard people call their grandmas “Ba-ba” or whatever but not me. Nope. My mom’s mom is called Big Grandma because she’s tall and my dad’s mom is called Baby Grandma because she’s small. Like babies.

So Big Grandma finds entertainment in a lot of things. When she comes to our house, she tends to sit in one of the chairs in the kitchen and watch whoever else is present just do stuff. She says it’s like watching a TV show, which is pretty interesting if you think about it.  A thing that she did, which I just think is awesomely funny, is about this time when Big Grandma went to Yellowstone National Park with the rest of my family (my grandpa, mom, aunt, and uncle). There is a picture of this at her house. So the picture is simply of Big Grandma feeding marshmallows to a black bear through the car window. At the time, it wasn’t illegal to feed the animals so it was all good. The strange thing is though, is that someone had to be out in front of the car in order to take the picture. Who it was, I don’t know, but it was probably my grandpa. 

Baby Grandma likes to talk to me. She travels a lot, like all around the world, and when she sees me, she likes to know what’s going on with me. One topic that she seems to like to talk to me about is girls. This one time recently she came over, and my mom had to go and do something that took a little bit of time, I don’t know what it was. The point is, I was home alone with Baby Grandma. I knew that at some point in the middle of talking to her, she was going to bring up the topic of girls. In fact, right before she did, I knew when exactly she was going to bring it up. There was a short moment of silence between what I had last said and then, “So, have you discovered the opposite sex?” I remember being like, “There it is!” in my head. I don’t remember my response at all, but I totally had a mini-celebration in my head.

Okay, well thank you for reading my post and I have to go to bed. See ya. 

Sincerely, Rudolph

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