Saturday, December 29, 2012

Who Would've Thunk It?

Dreams can be regular, like dreaming about having your best friend over if you haven’t seen them in a while, or maybe a big feast being eaten if you didn’t eat dinner before you went to bed, but some can be totally random and odd. My dreams are commonly unrelated to anything in my life. 

Dream #1: Tarzan Ride
One of my weirdest dreams took place in a water park. I was on a flume ride with Eve, Rudolph, and Frosty, about to go down the biggest drop in the world (or so it seemed), when... you know how the flume carts sort of go in a loop to get back to the ride entrance? Well, they do, and I jumped into one that was next to us at the last second, and started going backwards through the ride. I rode the abandoned cart, with my knees scrunched to my chest (the cart was apparently on wheels and much smaller than all the other carts), into a room that wasn’t terribly big, but circular for some reason. I sped down a thin, spindly track and watch a Tarzan-like man wind up is arms as he got ready to hit me on the head with the bright orange-and-pink boppy hammer he was holding. The little toy tool came down on my head with a deflated squeak as I raced into the next room. The Tarzan man was there again, but this time with a football attached to the end of a long string. I was out of the bucket- sized cart and running exhaustedly away from him as he tried desperately to hit me with the football. I tore down the path with caution and entered an elevator with a bathtub in it. I don’t know why, so DON’T ASK ME!!!! As soon as I got out of the elevator, I ran for my life and straight into my family’s arms. They got me lots of popcorn and sweets and then we walked off into the sunset and out of my dream.

Dream #2: Zombie Pilgrims
          Okay, so before I start this story, let me tell you. It’s not as long and it ends quite abruptly, because my uncle taught me a technique for not having to sit through potential nightmares. Now, let’s begin. I started out as a British ruler, a princess, when a pilgrim apocalypse started. Angry undead pilgrims were everywhere, trampling every house in sight. A violent looking woman with mascara dripping down her gaunt face in long, haunting streaks bared her yellow, gnarled teeth at me disgustingly. I ran as fast as I could (I was wearing a many-petticoat dress) into the nearest standing building which turned out to be a Zen house, and a big sculpture of a red Chinese dragon in the middle of the room was being worshipped and buffed to a glittering shine. I ran around the corner away from Mascara Face, who had morphed into a dragon lady. She swooped around the ceiling as I entered the next room. My grandma’s bathroom! Before Mascara-Dragon Face could enter the bathroom, I told myself to leave the dream and then woke up.

          Whether you have life-based dreams or strange illusions that make no sense whatsoever, dreams make a nice story to tell. Clear your head and spend maybe an hour emptying your brain onto a clean sheet of paper. Nightmares or not, I guarantee your head will be happy and free. Bye-bye, readers.

                   Your friend,

                             Holly Day

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