Monday, December 10, 2012

What I've Learned From Movies (About Other Movies)

Okay, so throughout my life I’ve seen many movies and learned a lot from them. I think that movies can be great teachers; however I don’t think that all movies/TV shows should be learned from. For example, Family Guy is not a TV show that people should learn to do things from. I think it’s a great show, but it is probably safer not to try most of the things shown at home.
          Anyway, the main thing I’ve learned from movies (about other movies) is that if you don’t see someone die and everyone just assumes they’re dead, there is a very high chance that they are alive. For example, I was watching The Lord of the Rings Trilogy with my sister when we were off from school during Hurricane Sandy and when we got to the part where Gollum falls off the cliff (spoiler alert) and is assumed dead, my sister asked me repeatedly if Gollum was actually dead, having fallen in love with the character. I told her to think about it. Gandalf fell off the edge of the cliff with this big demon from hell (or whatever) and survived by means of some magical terms. When Aragorn was dragged off the cliff by the body of a hyena thing, he survived because who knows why. Unless you see body parts splatter everywhere from the fall, they’re probably still alive. Another example is in my favorite TV show The Walking Dead (spoilers). When the main group of survivors who are surviving through a zombie apocalypse are attacked at their prison base, one of the characters, Carol, is chased into the prison with an unknown fate. A couple of episodes later, she is found alive. Once again, as a viewer, you didn’t witness her being brutally eaten by zombies. Therefore, she’s probably okay.


Sincerely, Rudolph

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