Wednesday, December 26, 2012

New Year's Resolutions

​New Year’s resolutions are famous for failing. On January first, everybody is like, “This year, I’m going to eat healthier”, or “This year, I’m going to work on being nice to other people”, or whatever. And for some reason, human beings just really suck at doing what we say what we are going to do. That’s how nothing gets done.

This doesn’t just happen with New Years either. Someone says they are going to clean their kitchen. And then when they have the opportunity, they say they’re just too tired and that they’ll do it tomorrow. But it’s okay to be tired. And it’s okay to do things tomorrow. The problem comes when people keep saying they’re going to do something tomorrow, or that they’re going to get to doing whatever they intended to do. It’s when you start having the same New Year’s resolution over and over again every year. This is where the problem comes from.

As for the reason resolutions don’t get resolved is probably because people's resolutions are too broad. Saying, “I’m going to eat healthier”, doesn’t do anything. If you’re too broad with your personal limitations, it is pretty easy to find some sort of stupid loophole that you can tell yourself to make yourself feel better. For an example to go with the eating healthier resolution, “I’m going to eat this brownie even though it’s not that healthy because on the food pyramid it says that you still supposed to eat a little bit of fatty foods and it’s just one brownie”. See? A stupid white lie that you tell yourself. So maybe all everyone needs to do is be more specific in limiting or allowing themselves to do different things.

Another thing that people can do is work on motivating themselves to carry out their resolution. What you can do is, find a group of people and share a resolution with them. That way, if you don’t follow the resolution, everyone you were sharing it with will be let down. You will simply be motivated by the fear factor of letting everyone else down.

As for my resolution, I have none. I am perfect.

Just kidding, I’m working on it.


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