Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Ice decks the walls,
Wind whispers calls,
Pine fills the air,
The sweet, solemn air,
On Christmas day.

Squawking out in glee,
A present jubilee,
Gifts come with décor,
Bright, brilliant décor,
On Christmas day.

A de-feathered pheasant,
Roast to a pleasant,
The scent of noodle casserole,
Steaming, salivating casserole,
On Christmas Day.
The grin of the child,
Her eyes sparkling wild,
A joyful laugh,
A serenading, symphonic, joyful laugh,
On Christmas day.

A baby in bed,
Thoughts of presents that have been received in head,
A simple snowflake,
A glittering, gorgeously solitude snowflake (that lands on the baby’s head),
On Christmas day.

I hope you enjoy my Christmas poem everybody! Happy Holidays! 

–Holly Day

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