Sunday, December 30, 2012

Internet Fights

            Alright, so to me, there is nothing more entertaining than watching people fight or argue on the internet. The battlegrounds where I tend to see these are places like Facebook (obviously) and the comment sections on YouTube videos (and the fights almost always have nothing to do with the video). I’m sure there are fights on other sites. YouTube and Facebook are just the ones that I visit most.

            On the Internet, of what I’ve observed, people like to fight over religion more than anything else. Multiple times I’ve been on YouTube watching a movie trailer or whatever, and then I’d scroll down to the comment section and BAM I’d be watching a Christians vs. Atheists war. I guess people just really like to fight for what they believe in. Which isn’t a bad thing, in my opinion. But I think that people shouldn’t thrust their beliefs onto others. That probably pisses me off more than anything else. When people are like, “Oh, I see that you choose not to believe in god. That’s cute. You are wrong to do that because I say so”. That upsets me when I see things like that. Who cares what other people believe? Don’t worry about trying to CONVERT them. Yeah.

            Also, people can be incredibly vicious when fighting on the internet. No matter how bold or confident someone is in real life, they always seem to be able to be nasty when fighting on the internet. I guess this is because people are only represented by a username (assuming you’re on YouTube or some other anonymous site). They have nothing to show or to be ashamed of other than a username. No one can use what you have ever done because they don’t know anything about you, except for what you might have said in a past comment. It’s like being reborn, to put it lightly, which makes people bold and fearless.

             Well, sorry to end my share of the Holidailies on a sour note, but today I was just stumped on what topic to write about, and this was the first good thing that came to me. This was fun. Thank you.

For the last time of 2012,


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