Tuesday, December 2, 2014

A Sonnet For My Girlfriend

For fun I wrote a sonnet for my girlfriend. She sassed me about how it wasn’t correctly in iambic pentameter and all so I’ve written a better one that I’m more than happy to share. I’m not actually upset but I was inspired so please enjoy.

For my girlfriend I wrote a nice sonnet,
An ode of beautiful words and my praise,
In which she went forth and shat upon it,
Not actually, but you get the phrase.
I know you show affection through teasing,
But I was proud of my worded child,
And writing this one, my mind is easing,
This one is great, it makes hormones run wild.
Although I may not be a Will Shakespeare,
And my rhymes may not be extremely great,
I hope this act will give your sass some fear,
Because you’re honestly quite fun to date,
So mind the internet is my new tool,
And my sonnet was really pretty cool.  

Thanks for reading.

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