Sunday, December 21, 2014

Family Guys

I don’t know if any of you watch the TV show Family Guy, but sometimes they do episodes where they use the characters from the show as characters of other stories, such as Stephen King books, Star Wars, or fairy tales. I have noticed that there is generally a trend of which characters play certain characters of the corresponding story. In the stories, if the main character is a male adult, Peter is the “actor” of the story. If the main character is a female adult, Lois plays her, and if the main character, or any character for that matter, male or female, is a young child, it is played by Stewie. Lois and Peter play the romantic counterparts for the other, depending on who is the protagonist. Chris plays the dumb sidekick, or, on rare occasions, the antagonist. Meg is either not in the story, or is the big, ugly, enemy. If Joe is in the story, he plays a character that becomes crippled or an inanimate object with wheels. Quagmire will sometimes play small roles, and to say it flatly, Cleveland is only ever mentioned in these episodes for a joke about black people being in the stories randomly. Mostly, the characters stick to these rolls, and you can probably figure out which characters they would play in your favorite stories.

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