Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Theatre Memory Lane: PART 2

Sixth grade arrived, and along with it, Bye Bye Birdie. I was delighted to find that in the town of Sweet Apple, Ohio, I would be playing Kim herself, for the (entire!) solo song, How Lovely to be a Woman. That was my biggest part yet! Next year was seventh grade, and with it first was Guys and Dolls, a real classic. At first, I was cast as the Master of Ceremonies, who announces the Hot Box girls twice and then never returns, but the girls who played the Hot Box girls thought that they had awful parts, and so they quit and I got their parts. So I ended up getting their parts, and thus about three times the part I would’ve gotten. So it all worked out in the end. And, as luck would have it, since Guys and Dolls was the junior high show, and I go to a Jr.-Sr. high school, and the high school musical that year was Sound of Music. Lucky for me, they needed children in 7th grade and 8th grade to play the younger children of the Von Trapp family, and I tried out and got the part of Kurt, the younger son. That was a HUGE accomplishment for me, even though I had already been Brigitta 3 in the same show, which is a waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay (sarcasm) better part. Finally, as a tribute to my first show, my last show that I performed with this theatre program was Wizard of Oz. I had the much bigger role of Auntie Em this time though, and she sings (who knew?!) a big introduction to the finale. Even though I’ve had some big parts and some not-so-big parts, I always love my journeys in the magical world of theatre.

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