Saturday, December 20, 2014

Respect: The Lost Art

Tonight is my night to write and I only have one thing on my mind so here goes: Respect – and everything else that goes along with it – kindness, tolerance, understanding.  It seems like these days these are all in short supply.

Tell me you don’t like the current president’s (or any sitting president’s, for that matter) policy on A, B, or C.   But please don’t say his wife is a man, or worse yet attack his daughters’ characters, labelling them because of how they dress.  Respect the office and always respect all children.

Tell me you don’t like how a particular court case between a police officer and a civilian was decided, but don’t deride every member of the Force because of it.  Respect the person in the line of duty.

Tell me you don’t celebrate Christmas (Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Diwali, whatever) but don’t get all bent out of shape because somebody wished you a Merry Christmas.  Respect the intent of someone’s sentiments.

Tell me you don’t like a movie’s message, but don’t hack the production company to try to bully it not to show the movie.  Respect the creativity, the voice and the right to free speech.

The holiday season serves as a good reminder to all that a little respect goes a long way, and that people deserve your tolerance and understanding.  Peace out.


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