Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Doing The College Dance

Like many of my fellow juniors in high school across the country, I have officially begun the college fateful process. It’s very daunting and mildly depressing. It involves asking yourself a lot of big and scary questions like, “Can I successfully live here for four years of my life? Does this school have good food? Are my grades good enough? Am I working hard enough? What if I don’t like the food?” and other existential questions like that. It also can be a bit repetitive as well. A lot of the liberal arts schools that I’ve visited in my Northeastern area have a lot of the same things to say. For example, if I hear another tour guide make the joke that their “football team is undefeated since 1978” (because they haven’t had a team since then), I may throw up a little bit. Also, many of these schools seem to think that they’re very unique in that they have the blue light safety system. I’m afraid that you’re not special in that sense. You all have blue lights so give yourselves a pat on the back and have a gold star. 

While the college process is painful in some of these respects, it’s also quite exciting and interesting. Many of the schools I’ve looked at seem to be providing some great programs for young adults to benefit from. As I walk around the campuses of all these colleges, I get really excited by the idea that the people attending these places are going to be our future. And I get to be part of that future. The whole thing gives me a positive outlook on the future generations of the human race. Instead of sighing and saying, “Ugh, kids these days”, it makes think, “Kids these days? Hell yeah!”.

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