Monday, December 8, 2014

Theater Memory Lane -- Part 1

I love to sing and act. I have been in every school show since first grade, plus some camp shows. Although I had two repeats, almost all of the shows I’ve ever been in take place in somewhere different, whether in this world or out of it. In first grade, I was a munchkin (one of the only ones with a line) in The Wizard of Oz, and I spent all of my time in Munchkinland. Second grade brought Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat, as the chorus again, but the setting featured both Jerusalem and Egypt. In third grade, we traveled to Austria in The Sound of Music, where I had my first big role as Brigitta 3, and I sang the song, “My Favorite Things,” (which you can read about in one of Frosty’s posts from a past year) with my “siblings.” Next year was Peter Pan, and I was delighted to be playing Wendy in the scene where she, Peter, Michael, and John all have various solos (yay) in the song “Flying.” As that character in that part of the show, I was only in the setting of the Darlings’ house in London, and the clouds and stars in the sky on the way to Neverland. Fifth grade arrived and along with it came Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  I played Mrs. Gloop, first in Germany, and then again once inside the chocolate factory in England. 

(Sorry! I have homework!)-Holly

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