Thursday, December 18, 2014

If Jesus Showed Up Today

Today we went to a Christmas concert for the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. In case you haven't heard of them, they're a rock orchestra and they're pretty awesome. Anyways, as I was listening to them play a rock version of a certain song pertaining to Jesus, it made me think about how Jesus himself would react if he were to show up today. I mean if it were me, and I came back from elsewhere after centuries stacked upon centuries of being dead to find that people were rocking out to my birth, I can honestly say I would feel incredible. And that's just in terms of music. 

Watching this concert made me wonder what he would think about everything else. Now of course, this all depends on what you believe in etc. but I'm speaking in theoretical terms here. Seriously though, what would this guy think about the world that we live in today as opposed to the one that he lived in? Would he be fascinated with sneakers, having worn sandals all of his life? Wouldn't he be fascinated with any clothing that wasn't a robe of some kind for that matter? I can picture it very easily in my head: Jesus Christ, the hipster. 

I'm too exhausted to go deeper into this right now, but it's definitely food for thought. 

Happy Hanukah! 


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