Sunday, December 14, 2014

House of Macbeth

Last week I started watching House of Cards at home, because I'm in the awkward mid season time of the Walking Dead so I wanted to find something to watch in the meantime.   Simultaneously, we started to read Macbeth in my English class. Almost immediately the similarity between these two stories struck me. My teacher told me that articles have been written about this topic, and frankly I'm not surprised. 

The parallelism between them is pretty obvious. I first noticed it with the "asides" in Macbeth, where he shares his thoughts with the audience on the matter. In House of Cards, Frank Underwood occasionally breaks the fourth wall and does the exact same thing, hilariously explaining how much he hates literally everyone. 

Everyone, that is, except his wife, Clair. Clair is essentially a modern day version of Lady Macbeth, especially in terms of her relationship with her husband. Together, they are an incredibly ambitious dynamic duo on a motivated quest for power, demolishing every obstacle in their way. Their relationship is a mirror image of that of Macbeth in his wife, as they together will stop at nothing to achieve rule. 

I haven't gotten far into either of these yet, but if I make more observations maybe I'll make a sequel to this post. 

Rudolph out.

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