Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Colors -- Part 1

I had troubles coming up with something to write about, but I decided on how I think that each of the birthstones subconsciously have to do with the months themselves, so I am creating a list of the months and why the birthstones are their birthstones.*

January- Garnet
Garnet is the January birthstone because while more commonly a bright red, it can also be many colors like blue, green, purple, and orange. People who are born in January are like new rays of joy for the coming year, or essentially, rays of the sun and the rainbow.

February- Amethyst
Amethyst is the February birthstone because it is warm purple like love, luxury, and magic. It is also the color of royalty, so February is the month of love, and the people in February are full of love and richness.

March- Aquamarine
Aquamarine’s color is a pastel-turquoise/teal mix. It shows the calmness of March, an in-between month where the blue skies come out and the crystal water unfreezes, as everything turns alive again in Spring.

April- Diamond
Diamond is another stone that can be many colors, but its mst common one would be a clear/silvery color. The saying, “April showers brings May flowers” brings to mind clear silvery rain, like the color of the diamond.

May- Emerald
Emerald is May’s birthstone because, like the aforementioned quote says, May is the month of flowers, and beauty, and life waking up for the main month of Spring. This stone represents the beauty of new life in nature.

June- Pearl
Pearl is June’s stone because it is the pure white clearness of the white hot heat that June hints. It is the serenity when all the work is done and summer arrives to take you to many carefree, tropical days.

July- Ruby
Ruby is the July birthstone because it shows the fire and heat that comes with the sticky July sun. it shows the sting of red sunburn and virgin strawberry daiquiris on the beach of somewhere in the tropics.

*disclaimer: I totally made all of this up. I’ll have the rest for next time.

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