Tuesday, December 16, 2014



This is what I chose to write about tonight.  Why? Because I have spent a lot of time on it this evening.  Such a phenomenon when you stop to think about it.  People my age (middle age) have the unique experience of living our young lives -- then disappearing from much of that environment – then returning to visit our past once again. 

Kids these days will never lose touch with people they meet along life’s journey (unless they choose to disengage).  In most cases, if they “friend” a kid as a 6th grader, even if that child moves away, they will get to observe that child growing up: going through junior high, high school, college and so forth.  No big mystery how they got to where they are today – because the witness has been there all along.

But for us grown-ups, it is an entirely different ball game.  We get to observe our peers who were weak students who hated school somehow grow up to be teachers, kids who were gay (although we didn’t know it) gain the courage to come out somewhere along the way, old classmates on their 2nd or 3rd spouse, the list goes on and on.  We know the old them and the current them but the middle is missing. 

The best thing I’ve encountered within this unique life-at-a-glimpse situation is the privilege of seeing so many of my back-in-the-day peers thrive in their chosen professions, their family lives and their social circles.  It is definitely a testament to the terrific community I grew up in. 

I look forward to continuing through life’s journey with both my real life and my virtual counterparts!

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