Wednesday, December 6, 2023

A Good Tree

This year we decorated our two Christmas trees, one real and one fake, a little differently than we have traditionally. My family collects Christmas ornaments from every place we travel to, but we also have amassed others through various means over the years. Last year, we decided to sort all of our ornaments into categories— travel, traditional, mine, and my brother’s. So when it came time to decorate our trees this year, my mom had the idea for our real tree to be the travel tree, and for the fake tree to be the kids’ ornaments tree.

Now I’m thinking about what I feel like belongs on Christmas trees. Ultimately I think it comes down to this: the only time it’s okay to have a non-personal, aesthetic tree is when you have another tree that’s more personal. I just feel like there are many times of the year to be aesthetic, but Christmas is about family and traditions. I want to see that you put thought into it. Whether you make popcorn garland yourself, or amass ornaments over the years like my family, as long as you put some of your heart into the decor, in my opinion you’re doing it right.
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