Sunday, December 10, 2023

Raiders of the Home Depot

I ended up visiting two different Home Depot stores in my area yesterday. The first time was to pick up assorted items for projects around the house. Then, while doing those various projects, we realized that something we thought was a “fix” project is actually a “replace” project. 

I started calling around to several stores to see if they had what we needed in stock. Such a different experience from store to store. In some cases, I was transferred to the right department and got a knowledgeable representative who checked inventory on the computer. At another store, I got transferred around from department to department for more than 20 minutes before finally getting the information that I needed. 

Once in the store, I was again reminded of that final scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark with rows and rows of wooden crates stacked floor to ceiling in a warehouse. It amazes me that they can actually find things in a Home Depot. They sell so many items, and stock all of the sizes and colors of each item. Not even Macy’s does that anymore. 

Still, if I ever need to hide a priceless archaeological relic, I know where I’m stashing it. 

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