Saturday, December 16, 2023

Real vs. Fake Christmas Trees

OK, friends.  It’s time for us to talk about the pros and cons of having a real Christmas tree or an artificial one.  I know I’m wading into some controversial waters here – some people I know feel very strongly about this topic.  Without further ado, let’s get into it.



·        Smells great – there is nothing like bringing that pine scent into your home for the month of December.

·        More eco-friendly – if it is grown sustainably

·        Biodegradable – breaks down naturally

·        Supports local tree farmers – gives business to the few remaining farmers in our area

·        Beauty – nothing matches the beauty of the real thing



·        Pine needles everywhere – there is no escape.  Resistance is futile.

·        Watering – Needs to be watered daily, even if you go away.  Otherwise it gets dry and brittle.

·        Expensive – Real trees are not cheap and it is a recurring cost each year.

·        Did I mention the needles??



·        Nothing strapped on the roof of the car – Just pull it out of storage and you’re off to the races.

·        No needles.  I repeat, no needles.

·        Lights – If you get a pre-lit tree, no need to spend hours putting lights on and taking them off again after Christmas. 

·        No watering.  In fact, it is discouraged.

·        Cheaper – less expensive in the long run if your artificial tree lasts you several years.



·        Stays in landfills for decades.  Those suckers will not biodegrade no matter how much time you give them.

·        Requires storage space – need to box it up and haul it down to the basement or up to your attic each year.

·        Doesn’t have the awesome smell of the real thing.


So there you have it.  Which way do you fall out on this subject?


Of course, you can always do what we do and have one of each in our house.  Problem solved.


Thanks for reading.
-- Frosty 

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  1. I gave up on all decorations years ago, but I remember nearly 50 years ago when we visited relatives. It was the first time I'd seen an artificial tree (I think they were less common back then) and I thought it was hilarious that they just threw a sheet over it and stored it in the spare bedroom during the rest of the year.