Friday, December 15, 2023

The Last Man In The West

A lone rider gallops into the sunset. His horse follows closely behind him, confused.

They arrive at a small dusty town, with one long road stretching down the middle. A pack of stray dogs chew on a dead pack of stray cats. The rider slows when he reaches the bank, the largest building in town. 

“Come out with all of the money in the vault, or you’ll find out why they call me ‘The Last Man in the West’”. 

The mayor lumbers out, wearing suspenders and a tall black hat. He points at the rider with his long shiny cane.

“What is the meaning of this?”, he bellows.

“Mr. Mayor, that’s a cane. Now where’s the money?”, the rider bristles.

The mayor furrows his brow. “You won’t be seeing any money from me today, you street rat!”

The rider drops his trousers.

The Last Man in the West


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