Sunday, December 31, 2023

Another New Year's Eve

Apparently my mom wrote something similar yesterday, but I haven’t read it so any similarities are purely coincidental and not eligible for legal action.

New Year’s Eve is a time of celebration, newness, and excitement. For me, it is a time of stress and yet another year of figuring out what the hell to do. I would love New Year’s if it actually went as promised— crazy party where you’re not too hot, there are places to sit when my back hurts, and someone cute to kiss at midnight in a whirlwind-slow motion moment. But it never looks like that. 

Being in New York, it would seem our best option is to find somewhere in the city, but that’s also terrifying on NYE so ultimately not really worth it. Everything is overpriced and watered down, and not enough seating. 

From what I gather, the best option is a house party, but I don’t have enough NY peeps to throw one of those right now, and even if I did I doubt people wanna trek to Westchester. Hopefully next year, I’ll be at a raging house party with my copious amounts of extremely close friends and a few mysterious strangers, but for now, I'm off Brooklyn by myself for a jam session/party thing because I couldn’t find someone to go with me. Hoping to make some new friends and harmonize into the new year, bringing me a 2024 filled with warmth and music. 

Happy New Year’s Eve to you all and may you find something worth doing that brings you joy and luck in the new year!


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