Sunday, December 24, 2023

The Family Stone

It’s Christmas Eve and we’re watching 2005’s “The Family Stone”. These are my live thoughts as we watch it.

Rachel McAdams? Let’s freaking go. Now we’re watching a movie.

They don’t make em like this anymore.

Diane Keaton tried to surprise her son when he clearly knew she was behind him. ***

Craig T. Nelson? Incredible.

*** I have now realized this was because the son is deaf. I’m sorry.

“That’s a hard time of year to introduce a new girl to the family”. So true.

SJP couldn’t leave the room to answer the phone?

Luke Wilson, total horndog

The family stone is a ring. Of course!

“I am not a completely ridiculous person Everett!”

I like how on and off they are with the ASL.

Movies/shows about adult siblings are great. This movie is a very Succession Christmas.

We’ve observed that SJP and Luke Wilson have similar noses. 

Are we going to have a switcharoo here?

SJP put her gross casserole into the fridge uncovered. Now she’s really giving the family a reason to hate her. 

Did Claire Danes not already have her own Christmas plans? That she just abandoned?

“I just mean the gay thing”

SJP fumbling it with politics at the dinner table. Oop, now she spilled. She’s not coming back from this.

I thought the Luke Wilson being into SJP thing was going to be a bit but now it’s the plot. He’s going in for the kill.

“I love the gays”

Now Everett is going in hard on the sister. This rocks.

The pregnant daughter needed more development so I’m glad she’s watching this movie within the movie.

How are they going to clean this up?

Chekhov’s disgusting casserole

Okay I got into it the last half hour. Very sweet. Rip Diane. My heart is full.

Thanks for reading.  Merry Christmas!


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