Saturday, December 30, 2023

What To Do On New Year's Eve...

I have never been one for big fanfare on New Year’s Eve. If one goes out, places are super

crowded and super expensive. Restaurants slightly alter their menus for NYE and then majorly

jack up the prices. And those giant parties with a huge cover charge? Ugh don’t get me started.


Therefore, over the years, I have found myself doing many different things on the last day of

the year. Yes, I have watched the ball drop from the comfort of my couch and I am proud of it.

But I have done many other things which have been pretty fun.


The Ball Drop: Many years ago I was out to dinner with a bunch of people in midtown and at the last

minute we decided to go to Times Square to watch the ball drop. It was spontaneous and chill.

Glad I got to experience that before they started the system of cordoned-off people standing in their 

little section wearing diapers for 12 hours. However, I also got to watch the conch shell drop in Key

West. A much smaller event but nicely reminiscent of home.


New Year’s Abroad: Unintentionally, I have celebrated the holiday away. In addition to Key

West, I have witnessed the New Year blossom in Las Vegas, Dallas, Reykjavik, Okemo, and

Antarctica. Of those, Antarctica was literally and figuratively the coolest – and also a bit surreal.

We were considerably medicated with anti-motion sickness meds which make a person really

drowsy and sporting a drug-induced haze. But on top of that, the stroke of midnight is in broad

daylight! The ship captain had the shades drawn to enhance the vibe, but one could easy pop

them up and witness icebergs in the sunshine. But perhaps the funnest fun fact about that trip

is our ship held the distinction of being the most southern ship of any ship at midnight. The

captain made sure of it. Pretty wild!


While all of these adventures are fun and unique and I am glad that I did them, one of my

favorite ways to ring in the new year continues to be hanging out with a handful of friends, and

watching the ball drop on the TV.


Happy New Year all!



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