Wednesday, December 13, 2023

Better Than Wordle

For day 13 of our blog, I thought I would share a little chuckle.  My kids are now grown, but when they were little, we were often reminded of how they looked at things with fresh eyes.

A good example of this is our son one day commented on how he kept getting emails from this same person and he had no idea who the person was. Of course, we were concerned and asked him the person’s name.  He said Donut Trepply.  Not knowing anybody named Donut, we asked to see his email.  Turns out it was “DoNotReply”.  A fun mishap that we still tease him about today.

Another fun example comes at our daughter’s expense.  She said she could not smell something anymore and declared she had “old factory fatigue”.  We incredulously responded “do you mean olfactory fatigue?? As in your nose? And no longer being able to smell something?” She defended her term stating it made complete sense – like an old factory would be smelly and you are tired of smelling it. I get that.

It's always nice to have a new perspective.  On a similar note, I thought this would be a good opportunity to plug Planet Word, a relatively new museum in Washington DC.  A museum about words you say? How boring!  But it really is very fun and high tech and great for both young and old. Consider checking it out.

Peace out!



  1. My oldest's high school has these 3-week courses at the end of term called Intensives, where they take on class all day every day. She took linguistics and found it absolutely fascinating. Sounds like we need to take her to Planet Word!

  2. My favorite ones I've heard in the wild: "You can tell the lamb is just a day old because it still has it's biblical cord" and "He has old timer's disease, so he doesn't remember much."