Sunday, December 3, 2023

The Transformation


A prince and a princess hold each other in a tower.

Angeline: Reginald, the clocktower approaches midnight! Time is nearly up to rid me of my curse.

Reginald: I know, my dear. But we’ve tried everything to cure you! I fear we are out of options.

Angeline: Surely there must be something else we can do!

Reginald: I think it might be best to spend our final moments together cherishing each other’s company, before you become the beast.

Angeline: I hate to say it, but I think you’re right. Reginald, I love you more than the grass and the waves. 

Reginald: Angeline, my passion for you burns brighter than every star in the sky.

Angeline: I long only for your happiness. Which is why, I must request that upon my transformation into the beast, you remarry. 

Reginald: I couldn’t possibly! My heart is devoted to you and you alone.

Angeline: I can’t bear to think of you spending the rest of your days in longing. I wish for you to marry my handmaiden, Brianna.

Reginald: Brianna the Beautiful? The blonde with the big butt? 

Angeline: That’s the one.

Reginald: If that is what will make you happy… 

Angeline: Thank you, my sweet. Also, I wish for you to inherit my family’s estate. 

Reginald: But shouldn’t the Manor of Bounty fall to the husbands of your sisters?

Angline: They are not worthy-

Reginald: Okay great. 

Angeline: I was just going to say-

Reginald: No, all good. I’ll take the estate. Anything for you.

Angeline: Well, alright.

Reginald: Is it midnight yet? Does it feel like time is passing slowly or what?

Angeline: My love, perhaps we can try one more thing to save me?

Reginald: Oh? I thought we were over that. Okay. Yes, of course.

Angeline: Legends tell of the healing power of true love’s kiss.

She leans in.

Reginald: You know what, I actually had a crazy amount of garlic for dinner.

Angeline: But Reggie, the curse!

Reginald: Yeah and my lips are chapped like a motherfucker.

Angeline: I have chapstick!

She pulls it out. He takes it from her and throws it out the tower window.

Reginald: Oh shoot, I dropped it. 

Angeline: Please my love! My change overcomes me!!

She turns into a monster.

Reginald: You’re so hot, what the fuck?

They kiss.



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