Monday, December 28, 2020

Just Some Really Good Shows I Watched During Quarantine

The Undoing

Mystery! If you like a good murder mystery, whodunnit, or psychological thriller I recommended you check this out. There are some people who have a problem with the ending but those people are wrong. Hugh Grant is wild. 


I binged the sweet Jesus out of this show. A really cool show about a young man’s relationship to his religion. Dark, dark, dark humor at times. It’s reminiscent of Master of None. It’s the kind of show that breaks its own rules so you don’t know what you’re about to see.


The People vs OJ Simpson

I realize I am late with this one. It was one of those shows for me where I kept telling myself I would watch it and didn’t get to it. But then I had to be inside for a long time and I finally got to watch it. This story is crazy and I’m glad I was unborn while it happened and I’m even more grateful social media didn’t exist when it happened. That would’ve been a shitstorm. 



On HBO starring Pete Holmes. It is one of many shows out there about a guy’s slow crawl towards success in show biz. I can’t really explained why I enjoyed this one so much. It so thoroughly explores the standup world, in all of its challenges and glory.


Master Chef

That Gordon Ramsay is a character! I am hungry.




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  1. We have DISH and you can't get HBO on DISH. It makes me angry at how many good things there are to watch, especially "The Undoing," which I have wanted to see, but can't. I watch a lot of Netflix.